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Finesse on all sides!!!


Through unprecedented and refined arrangements, we can appreciate the careful treatment dedicated to each work, without losing the clarity and simplicity, a safe way to reach the heart of the Latin American people.


In this Latino-América Duo's debut album, the mixed ethnic races clearly appear in which they are shaped, reproducing several souls fused in a singular and beautiful touch. Listening to the interpretation of Suite Gauchesca, I was referred to reminiscences of my childhood, where guitars talk among themselves as friends, speaking, sometimes, with a baroque accent of some ancestral lute.


I was surprised, yet, with a generous invitation to “play a little bit”* with my guitar in a beautiful and traditional milonga of my country, Milongueo del Ayer. I'm grateful and I feel very honored with this beautiful recording. When I listened to Lágrimas Nordestinas**, I closed my eyes and immersed myself and gave myself up to in the feelings that all the manifestations of love from the beloved and brave people of the Brazilian Northeast produces on me. Appropriate and lovely homage paid made by these two artist brothers Latino-América Duo to a region almost always disregarded.


Dear José Daniel and Alexandre, you, with all certanty, are writing a page of purity, versatility and fine treatment of the gaucho’s musical soul!


 Lúcio Yanel, Argentine musician based in Brazil, Master of the Pampean Guitar
*Free adaptation of a local slang used by Lúcio
**This song’s name means “Northeast Tears” in portuguese








It was in the academic world environment, at a teacher/student relationship, that I met Alexandre Simon and José Daniel in the Guitar Baccalaureate of UFPel.
In any case, and for those who know this pair, I don't need to say that they quickly became the "Zé" and "Alex", a dynamic and likeable duo that won me, like they do with everyone, by their sympathy and, above all, by these dudes' simplicity and good character.
Yes, they are a pair of conquerors, just read the other testimonials from this booklet, and they are extremely dynamic because of the tremendous work that they have done with minimal financial resources for this album's creationrealization, released  in a independentely way.

But the human and artistic resources haven't lacked, which everyone will hear when they  start to play this beautiful CD.
"Alex" and "Zé," I've probably already told you at said that to you on college graduation, in these or other words, but I repeat: go ahead and continue to succeed! Kick everything!

Thiago Colombo, guitarist and Music professor at the Pelotas Federal University (BR-RS) 





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"There's no value in virtuosity if technique isn't submitted to expression".

The Latino-América Duo goes much further than that, and presents us with a CD in which virtuosity is complemented by brilliant rereadings of genres and styles as diverse as the Argentinean tango, the milonga gaúcha, the chôro carioca and themes from the Brazilian northeast, not forgetting missing to references to Bach.


Within this variety, I highlight the range of sonorities that demonstrate not only a great command of the instrument but also a rare knowledge of the guitar duo’s ensemble cameristc potential.
Are we is works like theseis that make us feel not only proud to play guitar, but the very pride of being a Brazilian.

Marcelo Fortuna, guitarist and Music teacher in Portugal 





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What makes us most happy listening to the Latino-América Duo's work is that they already released their first CD with a very well-defined musical and artistic personality. Although it's too clear that they have influences from "gaucho" music, "Brazilian guitar" and "classical music", they bring something new with at each interpretation.


Using unusual fusions, through all these musical strands, with the necessary courage to innovate and create their own style, they made daring arrangements and each brought unique ideas partnership that workeded out, beyond premiered new pieces specially written for them, as is the case of the Suíte Gauchesca, composed by the great Brazilian guitarist Thiago Colombo.


For this reason, we sincerely want to congratulate Latino-América Duo for the beautiful work they created registered in this debut album that, with great talent and dedication, has been contributing to the dissemination of our wonderful Latin American music.


Fernando and Cecilia, guitarists of the inspirer Duo Siqueira Lima




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Brazil already has a strong tradition among guitar duos, putting itself at this genre’s forefront for several decades. Since the first international recitals of Gil Orozco and Martines Tobosco, at the turn of the nineteenth to twentieth century, our country has been producing receiving great duo artists, names of this instrumentation from Sávio-Rebello to Duo Siqueira-Lima, including passing by the celebrated Duo Assad and Duo Abreu, besides numerous duos formed by the most diverse Brazilian guitarists, from students to professionals.


The Latino-América Duo, formed by José Daniel and Alexandre Simon, are already appears prominently in this duo style formation. 


I followed closely the careful and meticulous “gestation” and recording period of thise CD from these two excellent guitarists, who also stand out too for theiran immeasurable seriousness with their work.


The result is this beautiful CD with repertoire that goes from the popular Brazilian music to the music of from the South of Brazil the country and the Latin American continent, played impeccably and with an excellent recording quality.


Let this be the first recording of its kind, it be this, just the first of a recording series so that the Latino-América Duo may give us more such as a gifts, to the delight of the guitar and music scene around the world.

Gilson Antunes, Guitarist and Music Professor atin UNICAMP