Currently, Latino-América Duo is releasing their debut album, produced by Organic Recording Studio. Critically acclaimed, this work presents unprecedented arrangements for Brazilian music classics such as Odeon, by Ernesto Nazareth; Carinhoso, by Pixinguinha and Bachianinha nº1, by Paulinho Nogueira, and latin-american music such as Milonga, by Jorge Cardoso; Milongueo del Ayer, by Abel Fleury; Libertango and Adios Nonino, by Astor Piazzolla.


The album also features two compositions by renowned Brazilian guitarist Thiago Colombo: Milonga Trivial and Suíte Gauchesca, theis latterast was dedicated to the Duo and inspired by themes from the “gaucho folklore”. To portray the strength and exuberance of northeastern Brazil, the duo ends their album with Lágrimas Nordestinas I, II, III and IV by Brazilian composer Marcelo Fortuna.


This debut album features renowned musicians: Jucá de Leon (percussion), João Alexandre (guitar), Thiago Colombo (guitarrón) and the Latin American guitar master, Lucio Yanel. Thus, the duo aims to present in their performances the mosaic and cultural plurality of the Latin American continent, through the colors, peoples and sounds that evoke are projected from their guitars.

Latino-América Duo use Eduardo Cordeiro.

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1. Libertango

(Astor Piazzolla)

2. Adios Nonino

(Astor Piazzolla)

3. Milonga

(Jorge Cardoso)

4. Bachianinha n°1

(Paulinho Nogueira)

5. Carinhoso



6. Odeon

(Ernesto Nazareth)

7. Boi Barroso - Suíte Gauchesca

(Thiago Colombo)

8. Tirana do Lenço - Suíte Gauchesca

(Thiago Colombo)

9. Anú - Suíte Gauchesca

(Thiago Colombo)

10. Pezinho - Suíte Gauchesca

(Thiago Colombo)


11. Quero-mana - Suíte Gauchesca

(Thiago Colombo)


12. Prenda Minha - Suíte Gauchesca

(Thiago Colombo)


13. Milongueo del Ayer

(Abel Fleury)



14. Milonga Trivial

(Thiago Colombo)

15. Lágrimas Nordestinas I, II, III e IV

(Marcelo Fortuna)