Formed by the Brazilian guitarists Alexandre Simon and José Daniel the Latino-América Duo is dedicated to the performance for two guitars through traditional Brazilian and Latin American music.


It seeks, in its repertoire, to evoke southern landscapes, through the milonga platina, the Argentinean tango, the Brazilian choro, showing compositions and arrangements inspired by classical, popular and folkloric music.



The Latino-América Duo began its activities in 2009 at the Music Conservatory of the Pelotas Federal University. Since then, the duo has been invited to perform concerts in various venues spaces and has participated in a number of cultural projects in Brazil and South America, among which are: "Petropar Musical" Series of Teatro São Pedro (Porto Alegre, BR-RS); V Seminário Internacional em Memória e Patrimônio by Federal University of Pelotas, and concerts at Teatro Threze de Maio (Santa Maria, BR-RS), Teatro Municipal de Rio Grande and Museu da Baronesa (Pelotas, BR-RS).  In addition, the duo it was awarded with the Prêmio Concertos Didáticos (Didactic Concerts' Prize) by FUNARTE (National Arts Foundation) and Prêmio Ministério da Cultura (Ministry of Culture Prize) for the "Música Sem Fronteiras” (Music Without Borders) project that brought instrumental music to several schools on the Brazilian border with neighbouring Uruguay.

In 2017, the duo went held on a tour to release their first CD in several concert rooms and cultural centers in from Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil, among them: Centro Cultural dos Correios de Niterói (Rio de Janeiro, BR-RJ); Centro Cultural Francisco Mignone (Rio de Janeiro, BR-RJ); “Quintas Musicais” (Musical Thursdays) by Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro; Concert at National University of La Plata (Argentina); "Música y Guitarra" series by Catholic University of Uruguay; Concert at Centro de Cultura de España (Uruguay); Concert at Fundação Ecarta in Porto Alegre (BR-RS) and I Seminário Internacional de Guitarra do Pampa in Bagé (BR-RS).





Alexandre Souza Simon holds a Bachelor's degree in Guitar from the Federal University of Pelotas and a Master's Degree in Musical Performance from the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro. He was a music educator in Rio Grande do Sul, where he worked as a guitar teacher at the Music Course Program of the Rio-Grandense Federal Institute of Porto Alegre.


He performed concerts in several cultural institutions places, with emphasis on the projects “Violões do Sul”, “Musical Petropar” and “Concertos Didáticos” by Funarte. He also performed concerts in Canada, where he released “Terruño”, his first solo record. From 2013 to 2015, he specialized in Latin American music with guitarist Eduardo Isaac at Luis Gianneo Conservatory in Mar del Plata, Argentina.


He currently resides in Edmonton, Canada, where he is dedicated to the study and dissemination of Brazilian and Latin American music for guitar.

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José Daniel holds a Bachelor's degree in Guitar from the Federal University of Pelotas and a Master’s degree in Social Memory and Cultural Heritage from the same university. He performs acts as a guitarist and music teacher, having been founder and professor of Espaço Musical JD and professor of the Fine Arts Institute in the city of Rio Grande city.


He is currently a professor of Music Licensing* at the Federal University of Pampa in the city of Bagé City, Rio Grande do Sul (BR), where he coordinates the "Camerata Pampeana de Violões" extension project. In partnership with the guitarist Alexandre Simon, he coordinated the creation realization of the “I Festival Internacional de Violão do Mercosul”.


He currently resides in Portugal, where he dedicates himself to research in the Music Doctoral Program of the University of Aveiro and the dissemination of Brazilian and Latin American music.








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Throughout his training, Latin-America Duo has performed concerts and participated in several cultural projects:


  • • Concerto no “Musical Petropar” do Teatro São Pedro em Porto Alegre;
  • • Concerto no Teatro Threze de Maio, em Santa Maria;
  • • Concerto no Museu da Baronesa em Pelotas, projeto “Fazendo Música no Museu”;
  • • Projeto “Música na Casa do Capitão” no Instituto João Simões Lopes Neto;
  • • Concerto no Instituto Municipal de Belas Artes de Bagé;
  • • Concerto no V Seminário Internacional em Memória e Patrimônio;
  • • Concerto no Fórum Internacional de Sustentabilidade da UFPel;
  • • Projeto Prata da Casa, no Teatro Municipal de Rio Grande;  
  • • Concerto dos “25 anos do Centro Municipal de Cultura de Rio Grande”;
  • • Concerto na 36ª Feira do Livro da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande;
  • • Gravação do programa MUSIURG, promovido pela TV FURG;
  • • Participação na Orquestra de Violões do “IV Festival Internacional de Guitarra de Uruguay” e do “I Festival Internacional de Música do SESC/RS”;
  • • Concertos Didáticos da FUNARTE e Ministério da Cultura - Projeto “Música Sem Fronteiras” em 12 escolas públicas da fronteira do Brasil com o Uruguai.